US President Donald Trump has just a 34.8% chance of securing a second term in office according to some bookmakers. Joe Biden has pulled further ahead of Donald Trump since the betting markets reopened and while his odds were slashed to just 4/7 on Tuesday morning, they have shortened even further with some bookies going as low as 13/25 that he becomes the next president of the United States.

This is an increase from 63.6% to 65.8% for a Biden victory next month, while on the other side of the coin the chances of Trump winning a second term continue to head in completely the opposite direction, some betting operators lengthening his odds from 13/8 to as long as 15/8.

As a percentage, this is a drop from a 38.1% chance to a 34.8% chance of him winning the US presidential election in just over three weeks’ time. This is the worst chance he has been given for a second term in office since the start of 2020.

Nevertheless Trump remains the pick of the punters with a higher percentage of all individual bets being placed on the Republican. The serving US president has received around 52.8% of all bets on the market although far more money has been staked on Biden. Nevertheless while the market is going in one direction right now, many punters will be hoping for a repeat of 2016 when Trump defied all the odds by beating Democrat Hilary Clinton hands down.

The Democrats are firm favourites to triumph in the US House of Representative elections at odds of just 1/6 while the Republicans are way out at 4/1.


US Presidential Election Betting Odds


13/25 – Joe Biden

15/8 –  Donald Trump

66/1 –  Mike Pence

125/1 – Kamala Harris